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Diana b, Eastside, WA

Laura R., Woodinville, WA
December 18, 2016

Diana b, Eastside, WA

Fill+:  Person was available at my appointment time. Work was done carefully and they worked to fix problems another salon had caused. So, they spent extra time on me, a brand new customer, but did not charge any extra for it.  They have good business sense!

Price was extremely reasonable and less than I expected – a bargain I think!

There were several other customers in the shop at the same time who seemed to be regulars that were chatting with the staff and each other.  Despite number of people they seemed to handle everyone with care and spent appropriate time on each one.  I am VERY glad to see a shop that does not hurry their work because they over booked or are trying to squeeze in walk-ins that they don’t really have time to do.

Great Job Cottage Lake Hair & Nail!!!